Fall Away from the Seasonal Funk

Cozy Fall Living Room

As the cooler season approaches us and we enter the time of the year where most of us are stuck in the house many of us tend to fall into a funk. When there are not many activities to do it is so easy to look around and think about what is not going right or what we are not happy about but, this year we will not let our home be one of the things bringing us down. 

This year I challenge you to get ahead of funk. Look around your home, identify what has bothered you throughout the years, whether that be a stack of papers that you just can not get to shrink, a room you have been ignoring or the bathroom that needs a major update, and just start changing it.

Start small and make a plan. My first step in any project is always writing a to do list. It helps me to break down projects step by step, this way I always know what to do next and I am able to cross things off my list making me feel more accomplished even if my progress is not necessarily visible.  

Try to make it fun and not daunting. Now this may be a bit challenging because big home projects tend to be daunting but, I suggest alternating between projects that excite you and projects that you might not like as much. If you love decorating but can not stand the cleaning that comes with projects. Do the cleaning job first and think of the decorating job as the reward for getting the other project done. 

My next piece of advice is to slowly find pieces you love! Do not buy decor and home pieces you only kind of like to fill the space. It is okay to have some blank space that you wait to fill until you find decor pieces that you truly love. ( You can find plenty of decor pieces that you will love at Industrialfarmco.com)    

My final tip for you to make your home a place you love is to not be afraid to ask for help. Recruit your family and friends to help out too. After all, they will be the ones enjoying the space with you. 

Remember that your home should be a place for you to decompress and enjoy yourself. It should be a place you love to spend your time with the people most important to you. It should not be a place that causes you more stress or that you are always trying to escape. 

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  • C Wilshire on December 28, 2021

    I’m looking for corner shelf brackets

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