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The Fulton Bracket Supports - Sold Individually

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The Industrial Farm Co Fulton Brackets are a pair of heavy duty rustic brackets complete with a 4 inch high lip supported with an angled support bar with added rivets in the top and bottom.

Note: Some pictures featured are customer photos which may include shots of customized brackets containing a shorter or taller lip than the standard 4 inches. 


- Price is for ONE (1) Bracket

- 4" Wide Bracket

- 4" Lip height 

- 3" Wide angled support bar with rivets added in 

- Pre- Drilled with 1/4" holes

- 1/4" Thick Metal

- Made to order 

When ordering the first dimension is the depth x second dimension is the wall mount leg. Depth of the bracket is bent about 1/8 over size ordered, this gives your mantel a little wiggle room to fit properly. 


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