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  • Naming our Products- March Highlights

    March 05, 2021 2 min read

    Naming our Products- March Highlights | Industrial Farm Co

    When we created our new website one of our favorite parts was renaming our products. We really wanted to pull in who we are as a business and as a misfit family so we chose to name our products after so many of our loved ones as well as places all over New York State.

    We are so excited to give you a glimpse into are lives through photos and stories to explain the names of our products. 

    Starting with our most popular brackets, The Kudlick brackets. 

    The Kudlick brackets are named after the creators of Industrial Farm Co., Tyler and Kristy Kudlick. We found it fitting to name the brackets that have turned our company into what it is today after the people who turned our company into what it is today. 

    Tyler and Kristy are two of the most hard working people we have ever met and have a true dedication to their craft. It is an honor to get to be apart of their company and their dream.  


    The next location honored in our naming system holds a very special place in my heart as it is the location where I got engaged last summer. 

    Designated as a National Historic Landmark, Hyde Hall is located in the beautiful Glimmerglass State Park in Cooperstown. The stunning home belonged to George Clarke and started construction in 1817 taking a total of 17 years to be completed.  Please visit hydehall.org to learn more about the exquisite landmark. 

    Our Hyde Hall paper towel holder is one of the sleek pieces in our kitchen and bathroom hardware line. Shop yours today!

    The next product in our March feature is the Felix hook. Named after the Kudlick family dog. 

    With its sleek and delicate design the Felix hook is perfect for your kitchen, pantry or mudroom. 

    But, now the most important part, why Felix is so perfect. He is a cheetah in dog form. He spends hours playing, running for miles and playing fetch, but once he is one he loves to indulge in hours of snuggles. 



    Typically found under a pile of blankets or sharing someone's chair he is certainly one of a kind.  

    The final product we are showcasing this month is our Skaneateles brackets.


    Our Skaneateles brackets are sleek and simple. With our sturdy 3 inch wide stock in a modern style Z shape, these brackets are the perfect fit for any project and any home. Named after our beautiful neighboring town of Skaneateles.  

    Skaneateles is located on the finger lakes and is the perfect place for long summer days. With its gorgeous views, delicious food and historic homes it makes for the perfect tourist location in the summer months. 

    We have loved giving you guys an inside look into some of the things that have inspired our names. I can not wait to continue to share more in next month!

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