About Us

Welcome to Industrial Farm Co., we are so grateful that you have taken the time to visit our shop and learn more about us. 

My husband Tyler and I began Industrial Farm Co. by opening our shop on Etsy in August 2017 we then launched our Industrialfarmco.com website in 2018 and our Industrialfarmco.shop website in 2020. In February 2018, we introduced our mantle brackets, which began our journey into becoming what we are today, creating our handmade steel farmhouse and industrial inspired décor.

Through the years we have been able to reach so many milestones we never thought possible. From reaching over 14,000 sales to designing over 50 products. We also have had the amazing opportunity to grow our husband and wife team into a small close knit business. Welcoming new talents and personalities to collaborate on new ideas and help produce our products has been such an incredible part of our journey. 

Together with our family, we run a full metal fabrication machine shop, so creating custom and bulk orders is absolutely within our ability. We encourage our clients and interested shoppers to reach out to us for custom orders. We’re thrilled to be able to design and create gorgeous farmhouse-inspired and industrial style hardware and décor that you all have come to love.

At Industrial Farmhouse Co., we offer nothing less than perfection, and our goal will always be to exceed your expectations at every turn. We believe that every line, bend, and curve count. That’s why each piece is individually inspected before leaving our shop.

As a business, we’ve experienced all the twists and turns all growing businesses do, but it’s been an exciting journey for our family and we feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced the growth and appreciation for our work that we’ve found here in the marketplace.

Though we continue to grow and expand, our priority will always be to offer products that are visually captivating with the quality and consistency our customers look forward to when they shop with us.

Thanks for visiting Industrial Farm Co.!