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  • Create a Festive and Rustic Holiday Mantel Display with Industrial-style Brackets and Shelves

    November 19, 2023 4 min read

    Create a Festive and Rustic Holiday Mantel Display with Industrial-style Brackets and Shelves



    Transform your mantel into a festive focal point this holiday season. By using Industrial Farm Co. shelves and brackets, you can achieve a look that is both warm and stylish.

    This article provides a step-by-step guide to styling your mantel, including:

    Choose a Holiday Theme and Color Palette That Fits Your Style

    Picking a specific theme and color scheme will help pull your mantel decor together into a cohesive display. Consider a classic Christmas look with reds and greens, a winter wonderland with silvers and blues, or a more minimalist style.

    Your theme will guide all your décor choices.

    Install Sturdy Brackets and Shelves Above the Mantel

    Industrial Farm Co. shelves and brackets act as the foundation for your mantel décor.

    Measure the space above your mantel to find the right shelf size.

    Mark and drill holes for the brackets, ensuring they are level.

    Attach the brackets securely, then place the shelf on top.

    Reclaimed wood or galvanized steel shelves work well.

    Cover the Shelves with Greenery for a Natural Base

    Start your display by draping pine garlands, eucalyptus, or other greenery across the shelves. This provides a lush, organic backdrop for the rest of your décor. Let some greens hang over the edges for a graceful finish.

    Incorporate Lights for Ambiance and Sparkle

    String lights instantly warm up your holiday mantel. Weave mini lights through the greenery for a subtle glow, or use industrial-style filament bulbs for bold lighting.

    Lights add ambiance and sparkle.


    Personalize with Special Decorations and Family Photos

    Make your display feel unique by including sentimental decorations, like heirloom ornaments, and family photos in metallic frames. These special touches add heart and meaning. Arrange them thoughtfully on the shelves.

    Create Height Variation with Tall Decorations

    For visual interest, use décor in a variety of heights. Place tall items like candles, stacked books, or a high vase on the shelves. The height draws the eye up and makes the display more dynamic.

    Accent with Iron, Steel, and Other Industrial Elements

    Tie your shelf brackets into the rest of the décor with the addition of iron, steel, or other metal accents. Iron candle holders, galvanized planters, and metal stars or snowflakes enhance the industrial rustic vibe.

    Fill in Gaps with Ornaments, Figurines, Signs, and Other Décor

    Finish off your holiday mantel by tucking in festive flourishes like colored glass ornaments, whimsical figurines, handmade signs, and other decorative touches. This décor fills in any empty spots.

    Choose a Bold Centerpiece as the Focal Point

    Every mantel needs one bold centerpiece as the visual focus. This could be a large round mirror, an oversized wreath, holiday art, or something similar.

    Hang a wreath from a shelf bracket for added flair.

    Add Unexpected Details to Complete Your Holiday Display

    Final touches like a vintage bell, string of beads, chalkboard sign with a holiday phrase, or other subtle flourishes put the finishing touches on your styled mantel. Step back and make sure all elements complement your chosen holiday theme.

    With the right combination of industrial-style shelves and brackets combined with festive décor, you can create a holiday mantel display that reflects your unique style and brings cheer to your home. Follow this guide for mantel styling success!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some good options for rustic shelves and brackets?

    Heavy-duty steel brackets with reclaimed wood shelves are a popular choice. You can also use galvanized steel brackets with matching metal shelves for an industrial or rustic warehouse aesthetic.

    How do I securely install the shelves and brackets?

    Be sure to use the correct anchors and screws for your wall type. Drill pilot holes before inserting screws. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for weight limits and hardware. Mount into wall studs whenever possible.

    Check out this blog: How To Install Brackets & Supports for Your Mantel

    What if I don't have a mantel?

    You can still create a holiday shelf display above a faux mantel area. Use wall anchors to mount brackets and shelves directly to the wall with no mantel underneath.

    How can I incorporate holiday greenery if I have allergies?

    Opt for artificial garlands and wreaths made from silk or other hypoallergenic materials. Mix in other natural elements like pinecones, cotton balls as snow, or dried oranges and apples.

    What are quick tips for styling my holiday mantel display?

    • Choose 3-5 complementary colors for ornaments and decorations
    • Incorporate height with votive candle holders or stack books
    • Add warmth and glow with string lights
    • Mix shiny and matte decorations for visual interest
    • Feature family photos or children's artwork

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