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    The Ossit Ladder

    The Industrial Farm Co Wall Mounted Ossit Ladder is our answer to blanket storage without sacrificing floor space. This metal blanket ladder can be custom-made to a variety of lengths and widths to handle even the greatest blanket collection, and its four mounting pieces ensure the display will stay secure. This handmade ladder’s minimalist, industrial design allows the fabrics hung on it to shine in any room, and the ability to remove the hardware offers the option of a wall-leaning look if so desired.

    NOTE: Price is for One (1) Ladder and Four (4) Mounting Hardware Pieces

    *Ladder is for decoration and light storage purposes only, this ladder is NOT meant for climbing*


    Type: Parallel/Straight Ladder
    Measurement from Wall: 6.5"
    Steel Frame Height: Made to Order
    Number of Rungs: Varies Per Size
    Mounting Legs: 4
    Made to Order: Yes
    Material: Locally Sourced Steel
    Material Thickness: 3/4" Vertical Square Stock and 1/2" Round Horizontal Rungs
    Pre-drilled Holes: For #10 Screws
    Mounting Screws: Not Included
    Steel Finishes: See Steel Finish guide

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    Selecting custom sizing:

    When ordering, the first measure is the height of the ladder, the second is the width. Choose from 2 to 6 feet tall and 16 to 18 inches wide.

    Number of Rungs
    2 Foot Height 2 Rungs
    3 Foot Height 3 Rungs
    4 Foot Height 4 Rungs
    5 Foot Height 5 Rungs
    6 Foot Height 5 Rungs