• Naming our Products- March Highlights

    When we created our new website one of our favorite parts was renaming our products. We really wanted to pull in who we are as a business and as a misfit family so we chose to name our products after so many of our loved ones as well as places all over New York State.

    We are so excited to give you a glimpse into are lives through photos and stories to explain the names of our products. 

    Starting with our most popular brackets, The Kudlick brackets. 

    The Kudlick brackets are named after the creators of Industrial Farm Co., Tyler and Kristy Kudlick. We found it fitting to name the brackets that have turned our company into what it is today after the people who turned our company into what it is today.  

    Stay tuned for next week for a look into what inspired our Skaneateles Brackets. 

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