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  • The Farmette Favorites - Home Decor Edition

    September 10, 2021 3 min read

    The Farmette Favorites - Home Decor Edition | Industrial Farm Co

    Here at the shop the ladies are referred to as "The Farmettes", a name coined by Pops, Tyler's dad and our behind the scenes mastermind. Currently we have three Farmettes, Kristy, Abbey and I. We are responsible for making the websites, responding to clients, running our social media pages and so much more but, we all have one favorite job and that is getting to pick out the home decor pieces we sell on our website.

    Today we are highlighting each of the Farmettes top pieces from our home decor line.   

    First we will start with Kristy's favorite items. When she was forced to pick, Kristy's favorite home decor pieces are our made to order Lynn Ladders and our Mini Cloche with an added candle. 

    Standing Towel Rack

    In the past couple of months we have started offering our powder coat finishes on our ladders which has really elevated the look as well as the functionality. With our indoor/ outdoor rated black powder coat finish our blanket ladders are perfect for high humidity areas. Allowing them to quickly become popular in bathrooms as towel racks. 

    Mini Cloche

    Kristy's second favorite home decor piece is our Glass Cloche with Wood Base. Kristy loves this piece styled with a candle or small seasonal pieces. The cloche is the perfect size for a mantel or styled on a shelf in any room.   

    Next we have Abbey's home decor favorites. Abbey's two favorite items in our home decor line are our Farmhouse Candles and our Oversized Tufted Throw. 

    Wooden Bowl Candle

    Available in a variety of scents our Farmhouse Candle is perfect for every room in the house. Abbey has her Georgia Peach scented Candle on her buffet but, this gorgeous piece would be perfect as a topper on a stack of coffee table books, a scented accent on the back of the toilet or styled on open shelving. 

    Cream Throw Blanket

    Our Oversized Tufted Throw is another one of Abbey's favorite pieces. She loves the added texture on the blanket giving it the perfect added detail when it's displayed on her Michael Ladder. We always say our favorite decor pieces are the functional pieces that display beautifully but also have a use. 

    With so many new arrivals on their way it truly is so hard to pick just two favorite pieces. 

    After much thought I would have to say my two favorites are our Marble & Wood Cheese Board and Our New Pumpkin Patch Decorative Sign.

    Marble and Wood Cheese Board

    My first pick would have to be our Marble and Wood Cheese Board. My go to snack when I am alone is always cheese and crackers, and when I host the appetizer is always the same. I love having a beautiful piece to display what I am serving but I love keeping this piece out on display as well. Pick up your Cheese Board today before hosting for the holidays. 

    Pumpkin Patch Decorative Sign

    My next favorite piece is brand new to our shop for the fall season. Our Farm Fresh Pumpkin Patch sign is the perfect piece to transition your home into the fall season. I love how timeless this piece is and how it can fit into a variety of home decor styles. 

    Sound off in the comments below! We would love to know what your favorite pieces are from our home decor line. 


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