Meet the Team

Over the years since starting our business we have been so fortunate to grow as a company and get the chance to expand our team. 

Meet the people that make this company run. 

Kristy Kudlick 

Owner, Designer, Shipper 

Kristy is the head of Industrial Farm Co along with her husband Tyler. It is impossible to encompass all of her roles in just three words as she has her hand in every aspect of her business. Kristy is always excited to work with clients through their designs and ideas. She enjoys seeing how far the business has come and loves thinking of new aspects to keep the business growing.  


Tyler Kudlick 

Owner, Designer, Creator 

Tyler works alongside his wife leading Industrial Farm Co. He heads our production team and is a true tradesman. He is incredibly talented, being a skilled fabricator, welder and creative thinker we can always trust that he will be able to create any design we throw his way. 


Emma Beaulieu 

Customer Service, Marketer, Shipper 

If you have emailed us you have probably talked with Emma. She is always ready to answer customer questions and help make sure the customers get what they need. She started working with Kristy and Tyler by watching their girls. Once they both started school Kristy wanted to keep her around so she brought her up to start working at the shop. She loves learning the ins and outs of running a small business and has enjoyed getting to watch the company grow as she has been on the team. 



Reymar Aguilar 

Cutter, Bender, Welder 

Rey is a jack of all trades. He is very skilled at what he does and is always working on learning a new hobby or skill. Any piece you have purchased at our shop Rey has had a hand in creating and he was most likely singing as he was making it. He has the biggest heart and is a joy to have in the shop. 


Michael Sawmiller 

Maker, Powder Coater 

Michael is always willing to work, he is early every day, will often leave late and sometimes even shows up with his dog on the weekend. Michael spends the majority of his day doing work for Upstate Tube, Tyler and his Father's other business. However, even with all his other work for Upstate Tube, Michael is allows willing to jump in when needed for Industrial Farm Co. 



Michael Kudlick "Pops" 

Machinist, Tool Maker, Mastermind 

Pops, Tyler's dad is an absolute mastermind, he always has his wheels turning with a new idea. He as been an amazing help as Industrial Farm Co has grown, helping to make tools and machines to make the process of making products easier and more efficient. 

Abbey Donahue 

Social Media Marketer 

Abbey handles much of our social media sharing. She shares many of the beautiful photos our customers share with us as well as our new products and designs. 


Customer Service, Research & Development 

The Happy2Assist team is a small business located in Central New York. We have partnered with them to help bring the best to our customers. Between answering phones, consulting and researching this team is the perfect addition to our small business.