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  • The Henrietta Double Hooks (Set of 2)

    The Henrietta Double Hooks (Set of 2)

    The heavy duty steel Henrietta Double Hooks (Set of 2) are a trendy and functional storage solution designed to help you effortlessly organize your entryway or any other space in your home.

    The set includes two hooks, each featuring an angled top and hooked bottom that provide multiple storage options in a sleek and straightforward design.

    The Henrietta Hooks are perfect for DIY renovations, as they can seamlessly blend into various settings, be it a mudroom, laundry room, poolside patio, or bedroom.

    Key Features:

    1. Trendy Storage Solution: The Henrietta Double Hooks bring style and functionality to your entryway organization or any other space in your home.
    2. Set of Two: Each set includes two heavy duty steel hooks, allowing you to maximize storage and organize multiple items.
    3. Versatile Design: The angled top and hooked bottom offer a variety of storage options in a simple yet elegant design.
    4. Custom Measurements: Choose from two custom measurements to find the perfect fit for your unique space requirements.
    5. Ideal for DIY Renovations: The Henrietta Hooks can easily blend into various settings, enhancing your home's organization and aesthetics.


    Backplate Size: 61/2" Long
    Hook Width: 1" or 1/2"
    Made to Order: Yes
    Material: Locally Sourced Steel
    Material Thickness: 1/4”
    Pre-drilled Holes: 2 Pre-drilled holes
    Mounting Hardware: Scews Not Included
    Steel Finishes: See Steel Finish guide

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